Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Texture

Cee has these fun photo challenges every week. I have not participated previously, just admired the creative contributions. This week I was intrigued by the challenge of visual texture. I rummaged through my photo archives and found three images taken last year here close to home of trees where the texture kind of forms an intriguing image. Provided one has enough imagination 🙂 So here they are as my contribution to this weeks challenge. And you can read in the captions what I see in these images. What do you see ?

Two ancient birds in a tree
Two ancient birds in a tree


Broken heart in a tree
Broken heart in a tree



A fox in a tree
A fox in a tree


23 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Texture”

    1. That’s funny! Bumble still loves that fox…I mean a newer edition. Several previous editions have ended up without ears so they can’t hear he’s approaching, and without legs so they can’t run away 🙂 You’ll like this: he plays with the fox right after meals to burn calories…I bet he has a calorie counter hidden somewhere.

    1. Thanks Alexandra. I love the last one too, I used to think that the “dog/fox” in the tree was protecting my home when I was traveling abroad 🙂

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