Yesterday’s Gifts

I often feel awe when I enjoy the visual treats provided by nature. My after-dinner walk last night did not disappoint. Cool air, gorgeous sunset and a full moon. I have prepared a small gallery of my “catch” for your enjoyment. Have a wonderful weekend friends โ™ฅ Tiny

23 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Gifts”

    1. Thanks Nancy! I was quite happy with my catch and the walk itself. It’s warming up here now to the delight of all spring-breakers…the beach is really lively today.

        1. They are! And I’ve felt bad for them these last two weeks… seeing them walking in shorts and small tops when I’ve had jeans and a jacket. Yesterday and today they have finally been able to enjoy a nice day at the beach!

  1. Oh, my goodness!! What beautiful pictures of such breathtakingly beauty of nature. How in the world did you ever capture that fantastic picture of the moon and pelican…that is amazing! Wonderful photography. Hugs

    1. Happy you liked the reminder. I’m sure the waves will roll nicely on your shore very shortly. Although I tried my best, the pelican didn’t want to be silhouetted against the moon.

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