OMG! He Did It!

Finally we are up for air, my writing partner and I. You see, last November right around NaNoWriMo time, Mister Bumble insisted that he wanted to write his story. He would call it “Confessions of a Rescue Dog”. He asked me to type it since I’m a bit faster than him.  When I hesitated, he went to his archives and brought me a quote. That did it.

Bumble borrowing laptop ed

The quote was written on a simple piece of white paper and it read: “Rescue animals aren’t broken. They’ve simply experienced more life than other animals. If they were human, we would call them wise. They would be the ones with tales to tell and stories to write… animals dealt a bad hand, but who responded with courage. Don’t pity a shelter animal. Adopt one! And be proud to have their greatness by your side.” -Anonymous

I thought his story was worth telling. In fact, it’s quite heart-warming and uplifting. So he started narrating and I started typing. And typing. For the whole month of November. Then came December and we both got busy with other things. I re-engaged in some income generating activities and Bumble concentrated on his work, namely protecting our home from shady characters. We made a few efforts towards editing the manuscript late at nights, but achieved little.

the manuscipt ed

The holidays came and went. The manuscript was covered by soft cushions in a corner of the sofa in my office. Until one day, when Bumble was digging there to make a bed for himself, it fell down on the floor. And I knew we had to finish the book.

We got to work. Reviewing, editing, reviewing again. Then one day great illustrations appeared in my inbox. My son had finalized the cover and several other images for the book. Now we just had to get to the finish line.

front cover final

So finally our joint labor is bearing fruit. 175 pages of treats for pet lovers.  Just before midnight yesterday, the book was submitted for publishing. Bumble did it! He wants to help other animals find loving forever homes so he committed us to donate a portion of the sales to the Humane Society’s shelter here at home.  We have been there, seen all the dogs, cats, rabbits and birds waiting for a new home. It’s a large and well run no-kill shelter.

We’ll let you know when and where Bumble’s story will be available. When you read it, please remember not to take all his observations about me literally. While I think that he’s a fairly accurate analyst of human behavior, I have noticed that he tends to exaggerate a bit when I’m concerned.

Have a wonderful weekend ♥ Tiny and Bumble

33 thoughts on “OMG! He Did It!”

    1. No, he did it! You know dogs 😉 He seems to be doing better for a few days now, but the eye will only be checked on Friday. Hoping the best. Hugs from us to you and Sam. I was still laughing when we edited their “prank”…

  1. Hooray! Congratulations. Gorgeous cover, great title, and a wonderful premise. As the ‘mom’ of 4 rescued pets, this book is my kind of read. I look forward to you sharing with us where it will be available. Happy hugs, Gina

    1. Bumble is in my lap reading comments and he says thank you Joanne! All rescue animals have a special place in his heart and we send lots of love to you guys as well 🙂

    1. Thanks! Sorry I had lost your comment. I’m happy to say Bumble has already earned a couple of bags of food for the homeless animals in the HS shelter in the first few days, we hope it’ll continue bringing in a trickle of food bags 🙂

    1. Thank you Gallivanta! Extra pats and treats of baby carrots (he’ll tell in the book how he got on to liking them) given! Coffee is brewing 🙂

    1. Tackar! Nu vantar jag pa en “proof” kopia, en fardig book som jag kan kolla innan boken trycks for forsaljning…ska komma I morgon. Spannande 🙂

  2. Congratulations to Mr. Bumble — and of course to yourself for giving invaluable assistance. Looking forward to your book!

    We are “rescuers” too, but two of our present cats came directly to our door without passing through a shelter.

    IMO pet stores should not be selling live animals directly. Pets should be sold by reputable, caring breeders who can explain the nurture and answer questions. Too many kids see this cute puppy or whatever at a pet store and beg for it. (I’ve heard them.)

    I’ve heard parents saying, “Now you’re the one who has to look after this creature, right? Promise you’ll take care of it?” Then it’s difficult, as well as bad for business, for staff to really impress upon them that children quickly move on to new interests and this animal is a long-term commitment.

    Other circumstances arise necessitating getting rid of Fido or Fluffo, but at least we could eliminate impulse buying and folks getting a pet they can’t live with. (I shouldn’t get started!)

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