Silly Me

I will tell you something funny. Sometimes when I’m stressed out and need a break to relax, I like to sit at my laptop and just “play” with my photos. You know, like paint on them, move stuff around, apply different filters and try to see if I can create something fun and quite different.  I’m not into needle work or knitting, and digital art is less messy than oil painting so that’s how I often relax. There is no pressure to “succeed”. I don’t strive for perfect, brilliant or really for anything specific. I just play and see if something, anything, comes out of it.

So here is my “nature gallery” slide show. I pulled it together this afternoon when I needed a break from both my work and the final editing round of my soon-to-be-released novel. Some images are very abstract and others less so. I hope they’ll make you smile at my silly “needle work” 🙂

Two of the images are based on original photos by Baz the Landy . Please check out his many amazing photos from the outback.

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20 thoughts on “Silly Me”

  1. Those turned pretty cool looking. I think my favorites though are fog on the beach in florida and fire on the beach ethopia. Now you are making me want to play. haha. Glad you are able to de-stress. 🙂

  2. Not silly needlework at all. Love the lake scenes from Finland but I think my favourite is the Awash Falls. Hope the rest of the editing goes well after your de-stressing break 🙂

  3. You have NO idea how much fun I just had looking at these! I have no idea how ya di it- I’m so old school but its kinda fun not knowing because now I think you’re magic! Super cool!

    1. Oh, that’s nice to hear! I always joke that I inherited my – still very modest – digital skills from my son who’s a professional in this field. But the truth is that he is to blame for my interest and that it’s really fun to do some digital “knitting”!

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