Yesterday was a beautiful, yet extremely windy and chilly day. For Florida I might add. But since I have made a promise to move my old bones every single day this year (thanks Nancy at http://myyearofsweat.wordpress.com/ for the inspiration), I decided to take a walk on the windy side.

stormy ocean 2 edx

The ocean appeared angry! White hats dominated the scene. The wind was hurting my eyes despite huge shades. The normally lively beach appeared deserted. Pelicans who usually provide free acrobatics lessons were nowhere to be seen.

stormy ocean 4 edx

A few brave gulls were defying the wind and strolling impatiently on the beach. One had found a dead fish and considered whether or not it was wise to feast on it.

ocean gull bird edx

Another one gave me the look. What are you doing here in this wind?

seagull ed

That was about everyone I encountered on the beach. I decided the wind was too much to endure and hoped it would be a bit calmer in the nearby nature reserve. So I turned and walked away from the beach to the relative calm of the park. That’s where I became witness to a domestic dispute in the resident osprey family.

female osprey waiting ed

First I saw the female waiting alone on the nest platform. She was keeping a good eye on everything, including me. It seemed she had guard duty. Or maybe she was supervising the nest-building project?

male osprey landing 2 edx

Then I saw the male return to the nest. Empty-handed. No building materials. She started to look fairly agitated. Probably asking where’s the stuff. High pitched discussion ensued already before he landed and settled on the opposite side of the nest platform.

female osprey angry edx

It’s anyone’s guess what he did next, but she became very angry very quickly. She flexed her wings and let him have it. He responded in a harsh tone. Twigs were flying out of the nest. Luckily I couldn’t understand what they were saying. But it wasn’t “I love you”.

osprey couple 2

After a while they both calmed down and the dispute was over. I could see them sharing the nest in relative peace for a good five minutes. They appeared to be discussing something in a more civilized manner. Maybe they agreed on colors and specifications of the building materials he should try to find.


Then the discussion was over, the male flew away and disappeared towards the bridge far beyond the reserve. She continued to guard the nest.

male osprey flying away edx

I thought he looked fairly determined.  Assembling a nest can be stressful. The pieces have to fit together just the right way. I wished them good luck.

I continued my journey for another hour and found many other birds hiding in the bushes, seeking shelter from the wind. But that is for a later post.

Thanks for joining me, I hope you enjoyed the walkabout. Have a fabulous and peaceful weekend ♥ Tiny

22 thoughts on “Witness”

    1. You probably did 🙂 but I sent most of it further out…it’s fairly calm today and temperature is much better. I see from my terrace that the pelicans are back too. The walk was nice once I got into the reserve. Even there most birds were seeking shelter and were difficult to spot with their head stuck inside the wing.

        1. I know! We had exactly 8C as the highest temp yesterday afternoon and with the extreme wind it felt really chilly…for Floridians many of whom don’t even have a winter coat. Today the coats are not needed because we have sunny 16C, calm – feels balmy compared to yesterday!

    1. You’re welcome…and guilty 🙂 I was fairly “done” yesterday! And went out this morning too, w/o my camera = more speed! I’m trying to kick my lazy butt and find the time to exercise, and voilà, the time magically appears once I get moving!

    1. It’s funny how the situation reminded me of the time 30 years ago when hubby and I bought a huge IKEA wall unit 🙂 Now that I have gotten a hang of photographing the couple, I truly hope I’ll be able to give some updates on the offspring too. At first they will be so small that one cannot possibly see them from the ground, but when they start flying lessons it would be fantastic to be able to capture a few of them. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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