13 thoughts on “Storm Dogs”

    1. Thanks Jackie! The picture is taken from my terrace on a stormy day and somehow it looks to me as if dogs are running in the skies…how can it rain “dogs and cats” if they never run up there? he he

      1. We had an absolutely wicked wind today – but it is warm so it isn’t so hard to take somehow. But WOW – will we have a clean-up job when it’s all over! Branches and bits all over the whole yard. 😦

        1. I hope it’ll be over soon for you and that the clean-up will not be too bad. Just realized it’s started to blow hard here too now late in the evening….maybe it’s all coming this way 😉

          1. I have been looking for an abandoned bird’s nest for my classroom. Guess what got blown my way? Every wind is doing something, if we just have the wisdom to wait it out. 🙂

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