Xmas Shopping Can Be…Hazardous?

Still don’t have the time to write a post for “weekend reading” so I thought I would repost the true story of my hazards from last December for those of you who didn’t see it previously. This year most shopping is being done online, it’s safer that way 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!


This is a true story. Or rather a reality mini-series, taped yesterday and the day before. I didn’t even know I was casted for the role of the leading female character.  But obviously I was. To make a long story short, and as you have already missed the taping of the two episodes, I’ll start by telling the obvious: I survived to tell the story. And I promise to do the rest in fast forward.

part of the terrace all lit up

We had a fierce thunderstorm on Monday evening – with a tornado warning and all. Rare even for Florida in December, but there is was. Lightning show over the ocean. Rattling thunder and hard rain. I was talking to a good friend (hi Nina!) on the phone, just telling her about the spectacular sights, when the lights on our terrace suddenly went off. All 800 of them at the same time, without a blink. The terrace…

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