15 thoughts on “The Immigrant”

    1. Thanks Jackie for making me believe I could do it! And for all your encouragement and ideas along the way when the doubts hit. Thanks for being the best ever writing buddy and friend. Go girl!! HUGS 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot! Yes, you should definitely get involved! It’s an occasion that helps one to get started, so much support and encouragement from the organizers and famous writers (who can ignore an email from James Patterson with excellent advice?) as well as the community. The key in my view is to get mulling on possible book ideas right now. And then do all the research (if applicable) in advance to make sure the story rings true. My 20/20 hindsight also tells me it would have been an easier ride if I had outlined the novel chapter by chapter in little bit more detail than I actually did. All this can be done before one starts writing in November. Happy to be your “writing buddy” next year 🙂

    1. Thanks a million! He definitely was 🙂 And now I’m hoping that he’ll help me to find a good editor (have some suggestions from author friends) and to decide the best way to get it out there…

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