Halloween-Spooky Travel Tales

This year I won’t have the time to write a Halloween story so I thought I’d reblog last year’s story for those of you who did not see it. It’s ok to re-read it too 🙂


When I was growing up, we did not go trick-or-treating on Halloween. In northern Europe at the time, we simply did not know about such a spooky day or the tradition of scary/funny costumes and candy in excess. We were happy to get some candy on big holidays and sometimes even on an ordinary Sunday – nothing spooky about that. Nowadays, of course, the idea of Halloween has spread to most countries, probably even to my home village in the far north.

Over the years, as I’ve traveled the globe, I’ve come across a few spooky moments, all very different, and this might be a good day to tell you about a couple of those.

The first thing that comes to mind is the visit my hubby and I made to Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum in London on our honeymoon trip many, many moons ago. We were fascinated by all the famous figures exhibited there. In the course of walking around…

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