I Feel Rejuvenated! (or Guest Post XVII)

Hiff, it’s me Bumble again! I hope you’ve missed me. I’ve certainly missed you, no kidding.  And I’ve something I’m itching to tell you. Where’s the camera? Need to snap a quick picture for my Gravataff. Oh, there we go. My nose looks huge. It’s not perfect, but mom says perfect is the enemy of good.  And I’m a good boy, so it’ll have to do.

You know, last month there was a big festivity somewhere in Europe. I’m sure it’s very far because I’ve been everywhere that’s close. And I’ve not been there. Mom said I couldn’t go because dogs were not allowed to travel under the seat in the cabin on such long flights. I was very disappointed. And quite honestly a little fearful. You wanna know why? I’ve never been in pet boarding before. If you don’t count the Rescue League where mom and dad found me. And that wasn’t a fun experience.

I think mom was a bit nervous as well. Or was it guilt I smelled? She took me to visit several places where lots of dogs were staying in smaller or bigger “rooms”.  Everyone was trying to greet me. It got very lively! But most places were not that homey.

Luckily, at Advantage Pet Center, we found a small house with only a few cozy “penthouse apartments” for small dogs. It was nice and quiet and next to a small yard. I gave mom a kiss. That was our secret code that I might be willing to stay there. Then we toured the place and the girls and guys who worked there were so friendly. You know, like real dog lovers. Right away they wanted to know my name, and petted me too. Another kiss. I had made my decision.

A few days later, on a Saturday morning, mom packed my raised bowls, my red RL wool blanket, my cat pillow, my favorite toys, my food and meds. I have to tell you that she was a little bit of a basket case so I had to drive…

When we arrived at the Pet Center, I was greeted by a nice girl. Mom promised to come pick me up the following Friday. She said that more times than I could count. And I can count to five. Luckily the staff were trained to handle moms and dads with separation anxiety…

My little penthouse felt almost like home with all my stuff there. Very cozy. And I had nice neighbors. Like this sweet Chihuahua girl. We didn’t talk a lot, she was quite shy. But there was a rumor that she had won several competitions when she was younger. No wonder with those eyes of hers.

Soon I also got to see the little yard where I’d get my exercise. It was separate from the big dogs which was good. I have to say I came to enjoy my outings with the small ladies, like this sweet Maltese. She was always so happy! She made me smile. Yeah – really! We played a lot in the grass and I almost forgot I was supposed to miss mom! But don’t tell her, pleeeff.

I also loved that the girls and guys often let me hang around with them. One day I learned that some of the doggies were picked up every night, and brought back again in the morning! I didn’t see them over the weekend so think their parents might have been in adult daycare. One white Chihuahua girl caught my attention. She came in a little red bag every morning and she reminded me so much of Amelia. You remember her, right?

Believe me when I say that life at the Pet Center was fun! There was so much happening every day. I never got bored and forgot all about my age! I felt rejuvenated!

But I have to confess I never joined the swim club. I don’t like to get wet…my hair becomes such a curly mess. But many of my small neighbors loved splashing in the water several times a day. Good for them!

The time flew by very fast. One morning I was taken to the building next to mine. It turned out to be the grooming salon. I guessed mom would come soon to get me. She always picks me up after a salon bath. And I was right! She came in as soon as I was dry and brushed. I felt a bit sad to leave, but had to pretend to be so excited and happy to go home…you know how it is.

Okay, It’s good to be home again. Now mom has to play with me…and believe me I’m keeping her busy. But to tell the truth, I wouldn’t mind that much if there was another festivity in a faraway place at some point fairly soon.

Greetings to all readers and specifically my friends Chancy, Sam, Amelia, Tashi, Pebbe, Poodles and everyone at the Advantage Pet Center. Have a nice weekend folks!

Mom, let’s go for a walk! Nowff, otherwise anything might happen. And I know you wouldn’t like it. We want a quiet, peaceful weekend, right?

11 thoughts on “I Feel Rejuvenated! (or Guest Post XVII)”

  1. Sam is quite proud of you Bumble for not being scared in that new place. But I think he’s a bit jealous too. It looked like fun and you made a lot of new friends. It was good of mom to find just the right place to put you while she was away. So go easy on her this weekend. I’m thinking she missed you lots and felt just a bit guilty for leaving you behind. 🙂

    1. Bumble thanks for the greetings. He’s on his good behavior, just sleeps next to my feet…and you’re right I felt a bit guilty, but was so happy to see he had done so well! He was truly rejuvenated 🙂

  2. Bumble, I have missed you. I am glad to hear what you have been doing. Sounds like you had a great time but there’s no place like home, is there? I love your gravastaff.

    1. Thanks! Home is best but it was nice to be on vacation too. My gravataff is what it is. Mom says she doesn’t know how to change it when I blog… but I will put it into my posts anyway 🙂

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