A Good Time to Run

 “Trick ‘r treat” at this house

 you’ll sure meet a mouse

in the spooky front yard

where the ghosts stand guard.

Once you slip indoors

 more ghosts doing chores

in the dimmest of light

fuming jars are in sight.

The chef ghost is cooking

and that’s really spooking

a green pig for roast

with your Halloween toast.

No treats to be found

then you hear the hound

these tricks are no fun

it’s a good time to run!

Halloween-Spooky Travel Tales

This year I won’t have the time to write a Halloween story so I thought I’d reblog last year’s story for those of you who did not see it. It’s ok to re-read it too 🙂


When I was growing up, we did not go trick-or-treating on Halloween. In northern Europe at the time, we simply did not know about such a spooky day or the tradition of scary/funny costumes and candy in excess. We were happy to get some candy on big holidays and sometimes even on an ordinary Sunday – nothing spooky about that. Nowadays, of course, the idea of Halloween has spread to most countries, probably even to my home village in the far north.

Over the years, as I’ve traveled the globe, I’ve come across a few spooky moments, all very different, and this might be a good day to tell you about a couple of those.

The first thing that comes to mind is the visit my hubby and I made to Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum in London on our honeymoon trip many, many moons ago. We were fascinated by all the famous figures exhibited there. In the course of walking around…

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Stirred to Your Taste

This week’s weekend reading will be just a short greeting to wish all friends and visitors a wonderfully scary pre-Halloween weekend. These are the last days of October, which means November starts next Friday. And November means we all go NaNo, right?

Bumble has persuaded me, and he’s good at that as my readers know, to participate this year. Last year’s plans were ruined by sudden work travel, but this year I’ve tried my best to be able to stay put on the ground for November. Done work in advance, filled my pantry with soups and my freezer with meals to heat, and stocked several pounds of coffee (and just a handful of cookies). Keeping my fingers crossed.

This probably means less time to read the lovely blogs I follow and I apologize in advance. It will also mean less frequent posting on my own blog for one month. But I promise not to whine or cry about my trials and tribulations. We need to stay positive. Confident that we’ll make it to the finish line. 50,000 words. To add some motivation (read pressure) I have displayed the NaNoWriMo widget on the side bar. It will show progress, or lack of it, on a daily basis…

Anyway, that marathon starts only next Friday. Wonderfully scary. Be good now and have a suitably spooky weekend, stirred to your taste. Hugs, Tiny

p.s. If I Stayed

So I have returned to Africa

to see the stars sparkle in black velvet skies

and the moon hang heavy over the savannah

to breathe in the early morning mist

slightly scented with smoke

and to finally collect the pieces of my heart

sprinkled under these acacia trees.


p.s. Would you understand if I stayed ?

p.s. I Feel So Alive

I found this tranquil place

by chance this afternoon

tucked at the back

of an old English garden.

When I sit here

time doesn’t chase me

and no thought is too small

or too big to be born.

The space opens skyward

light streaming down

as if calling me, urging me

 to reach for my dreams.


p.s. I feel so alive here.

p.s. Meet Me at the Bridge

I’m writing to you

from a boat to the past

floating slowly

along this scenic route

back to the days gone by.

I’m thinking of you

my long-lost friend

hoping to find you

downstream memory lane

all over again.


p.s. Meet me at the bridge next to the last floodgate.