9 thoughts on “Blessings”

  1. That’s a beautiful picture. Where is it?
    …and a few beams of sun would be welcome here in the land of rain, drizzle and fog! I’m trying to finish installing new windows in my house and it’s impossible to get much further with it. Can’t set the table saw up outdoors to cut the jambs and certainly not willing to go taking the remaining windows out!

      1. The picture is from a forest reserve in Bulgaria a couple of years ago. It’s funny that we have very similar weather, just a little warmer (around 25C) here on FL west coast: pouring rain, rain, drizzle, fog. Maybe finally, it’s clearing up a little this afternoon. I hope your weather improves soon so that you can finish the window project! But in the meantime, you can even relax and be a little bit lazy 🙂 right?

        1. Not a chance! Got 5 done on the inside now. Had to run at one point and get the table and mitre saws in out of a huge shower. 20 and light rain now. Done soon. Beer in fridge. Life’s good 🙂

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