14 thoughts on “Taste of Fall”

  1. At a funeral I recently attended and old, old friend joyfully told me of the old apple tree in my ancestral home. After a long period of slowly fading away it’s rebounded. This happy story, along with yours reminds me that fall is my favourite season; a time when we really come alive and taste the bounty of our labours.

    1. Some years ago when visiting my childhood home, I saw the apple garden in a shape that made me worried, but this year it was more vibrant than ever! Such a huge harvest. My dad will have a great time giving bags of apples to people who don’t have any of their own.

    1. These red “cinnamon” apples were not quite ready, but there were yellow apples (another picture for another story) that were ready and very delicious. I probably had a bag of them while there 🙂

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