Remembering My Mother

Today is August 13. It’s my mother’s birthday. She would have been 82 today. I was only in my teens and she was in her thirties when she was diagnosed with a melanoma. You know, she loved the sunshine. As soon as the first warm spring days came along after the long and dark Nordic winter , she would lay in the sun on our roof terrace on her days off. And every year, without fail, she would get sun-burned. There was no SPF 45, nobody talked about the dangers of the sun. And there was no chemo therapy to talk about. So within a year from the diagnosis she was gone.  My dad, my sister and I were devastated.

I remember singing a duet in the church at her funeral. It was surreal, like I was performing at the funeral of someone we hardly knew. When I thought of her death, I just felt anger. Why would anyone need to leave so young? It was not fair. I am sure these same feelings are experienced by most people who lose loved ones at/of young age.

Although my mother’s early departure forced both me and my younger sister to grow up fast and take responsibility for our lives, it took a long time before it all really sank in for me. Even when I came home from college for a weekend, I remember expecting to find her there. But gradually, over the years,  I came to accept that her life, for some reason unknown to me, was to be a short one.

Now I think of her with love and gratitude. She had her shortcomings, like all of us, but she was a beautiful human being, an early career woman and a wonderful, loving mother. She brought us up with strong values, unwavering faith, warmth and caring.  I’m sure she’s been watching us all along from where her young spirit found its home. I know that these early experiences have contributed to how my life path has turned out. I can only hope she likes what she’s seeing.

These roses are for you dear mother,  from all of us, including your sweet great-granddaughter. Happy Birthday!

roses ed_edited-3 (2)_edited-1

42 thoughts on “Remembering My Mother”

  1. Love mother the most
    Beautiful person on this Earth.
    Best Critic, yet our strongest supporter.


    Inspiration springs forth when we allow ourselves to be “in-spirit,” aligned with our true essence.

  2. It is wonderful for you to share your mom with us. And she has so many reasons to be proud of her eldest daughter. Strong values and humanity shine through you beautifully. Sending a hug…

  3. Such a lovely tribute. Your every word for your mother reminded me of my own mother whom I lost in a tragedy about 2 yrs back. I often feel she is still there and that I can talk to her and share my thoughts. People die but their lovely memories continue to bring happiness in our life. Many many hugs to you and may the happy memories of your mom be with you forever.

    1. Thank you so much. It is true that the lovely memories bring happiness into our lives as well as a new appreciation of what we had. Sending many hugs you too, may the happy memories of your mom comfort you ❤

  4. Kauniisti kirjoitettu pikku äidistä. Tähän olis paljonkin kommentoitavaa, mutta otetaan se sitten kun nähdään. Halauksia.

  5. It is lovely to meet your mother on her birthday. And the flowers you have chosen for her are gorgeous. Did she have any birthday traditions or special birthday food that you still prepare today in her honour?

  6. She’s so gentle looking; her voice may be silenced to us but, not in heaven! She’s preparing for her next duet with you! Your heart is latched to hers as mine is to my mama. Blessings friend ~Debbie

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