We Are All Peachy

I have to start my guest post (yes, mom allowed me to write the weekend reading again) by saying that I love our beach!  Although I’m not allowed to walk right on the sand. Mom says that babies crawl in the sand and if I accidentally do my business there, it’s not good for the babies. Who could disagree with that? And I would absolutely refuse to wear diapers, like they do! Very restrictive.

But we have other beaches nearby where babies are not allowed. They are just for us dogs. I have to say I’m not crazy about swimming anyway…or rain for that matter. Too wet. But observing the beach from the terrace is fun! I’ve spotted many dolphins and a few manatees in my days here. No sharks as yet.

There are animals on the beach, don’t be fooled. Alligators, like the one here. I’ve seen them when we walk in the nature reserve that borders to the beach. But there is something more exciting in the reserve itself: birds. Lots of birds. They stay in the marsh, mostly.

And if they dare to come onto my walking path, I’ll immediately test whether they can fly. I have a scientific mind like that. I can tell you that all of them do fly. These Ibis birds too!

We usually go to the park in the morning when it’s not yet hot. But I love to walk mom in the evening too…warm and nice.  Slight breeze from the ocean. Always green grass and nice lamp posts available along the sidewalk. Good for business.

Sometimes we meet other dogs and I get nose kisses…And coming home it’s so nice to curl up in the sofa. On my black and white cat pillow. Or even better on the king bed. I can sleep sideways and take more than half of the space if I stretch my legs really long! Good luck mom, if you think you can get some space in addition to the two of us…Or you could sleep on the couch in your office.  Or in the guest room. Just a couple of suggestions.

Life is quite peachy, or is it beachy? Not much to worry about. That’s all for today, need to go check if there are any new treats in my bowl. The little banana-chicken ones are to die for!  Soft and chewy, highly recommended. Oh and I should say, have a peachy weekend folks!