Getting Rid of the Squatter

To continue my “stress- and worry-free” weekend readings, I thought I would reblog one of my earliest posts. It kind of fits the “theme”. Have a great weekend!


I’ve discovered that a squatter has been staying on my premises every now and then. He appears to have been here much less often now than he used to previously. That’s of course a good thing. And he’s more shy and unassuming now than he used to be. You know, earlier he was so bold. He would come up to my face and tell me that he was here to stay. He would sit in my best sofa and just make himself at home. Sometimes he even took the throw to warm himself.  To look cozy, like he belonged here.

When I asked him to leave, he would just linger there somewhere, and once he even showed me his ID. I remember his last name was Worry.  I think he has changed it now to something less obvious. But I suspect he might still be trespassing at times. Like a shadow next to you that you can’t…

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