A Miracle

Sitting on a water lily

I called upon a star

feeling rather silly

as it was very far.

Suddenly I saw it fall

the brightest star in flight

responding swiftly to my call

it was a magic sight.

A miracle! I cried out loud

and knew it wasn’t fake

when quietly, without a sound

a star landed in my lake.


Do you notice the small miracles in your life?

12 thoughts on “A Miracle”

  1. I love your poem! Rhythm, rhyme AND a nice message. Triple threat!
    In response to your question: yes, often, and those miracles have causes I can name. Names like: Josephine, Kathy, Joan, Frank, Bruce, Dana, etc. 🙂

  2. Beautiful photograph and a moving poem to go with it. The imagery in the poem is outstanding, especially when paired with that particular photo.

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