Why I Became Nostalgic Today (or Guest Post XIV)

Oh – such a beautiful baby! Sniff, sniff…a grandchild…I know, we have one too. Mom is reading blogs again. She’ll be busy in the kitchen for a while…so the laptop is all mine!  As my kind followers may remember, my eye sight is not what it used to be but don’t be fooled, I’m still enjoying myself! I’m not an old goat, although I can fool mom to carry me back home sometimes when we’ve walked a bit far. It’s so nice when I can sit on her shoulder, much better view from up there! Like this morning when we saw all the white birds in the ditch behind the car port.

Today I got a bit nostalgic. I was looking through my photo collection. You know, me as a youngster, me hunting squirrels, riding in the car…and then there were pictures of all my friends.  You now, Amelia girl, King Tashi and cousin Beppe.

Amelia is a Chihuahua. She is very beautiful and lives in north Florida. We get along well…at least when she is not eating all my food, licking my dad behind his ear or diving into my mom’s bed under the covers. Yes, she is wonderful, most of the time, and I miss her. I hope she’ll visit soon again. It always makes my mom and dad so happy because she usually brings the grandchild too.

Tashi is also a good friend of mine. He is a Tibetan Terrier and lives up north, in the capital. He’s very handsome and everybody calls him King! He loves winter and snow and I guess he’s lucky that they have so many blizzards there. I used to live up there too, that’s before I was rescued by mom and dad, and I hated the snow! Couldn’t find any grass to pee on.

Tashi told me that it’s too hot for him right now, like a sauna, he said. He hopes the fall will come soon…he loves the rains too! And of course he has so many attires – for all types of weather! I told him that here in Florida we all go nekkid all the time, he was horrified and I got myself a good laugh…he’s so proper. We are very different, but have so much to learn from  each other.

My cousin Beppe in Sweden is much more similar to me, but bigger! He’s a miniature Poodle.  Miniature! He is huge compared to me and a youngster. He’s about five, I think, hardly out of his diapers. But he loves to travel! He just came back from a trip to Finland. He told me he could run free at grandpa’s place! He also told me that he loved the cruise ship. They had no problems with power, he could watch TV and his toilet worked all the way!

Beppe told me he was carefully monitoring the journey from his state-room window. I’ve only met him on Skype and we’re Facebook buddies, but we like each other and chat a lot. I can’t wait until he shows the fall fashions for poodles again…he’s a model too, you know.

Then I found pictures of myself as a young man….it’s  a pity that dieting is so hard nowadays! I don’t have much hope of getting back to the feather-weight series. Well, one has to enjoy life…oh mom, you’re back already!

Look I’ve just finished your weekend readings…you can go back to the kitchen and cook me something good. I was just thinking about food…haff a tasty weekend y’all!