Go Find Her

When you glance at her

hastily in the grocery line

or anywhere for that matter

it may seem to you

that she doesn’t want

to look anyone in the eye

and is even less inclined

to invite anyone into her world.

Proud loner she is

arrogant in her high hair

you may judge her

solely based on the cover

never asking

whether that’s really her

and never questioning

your own urge to judge.

 In all sincerity

truth to be told here

she is a free spirit

full of inner warmth

a true child of nature

caring and humble

a prism of light

in the heart of the universe.

You just need

to suspend your judgment

and go find her.

6 thoughts on “Go Find Her”

    1. Thank you! I sat at the hairdressers earlier this week and came to think about how quickly we tend to form an opinion about somebody…and then I saw the head with the wig and the poem just came to me right there 🙂

  1. Beautiful! I believe an open heart/mind pave the path to a full and meaningful life. Otherwise? Sooo many great connections and moments are missed…

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