Solid Food!

Wonderful images of the three young Cheetah cubs. I bet they’ll become a wild bunch in no time 🙂

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Thanda’s small Cheetah cubs are already eating some solid food. Their mum had hunted an Impala and they joined in the – for Cheetah typical – hasty meal. The  three month old the cubs are also still suckling.

The pictures show the cubs in the road waiting for their mum to return from her hunt, mum looking for the cubs and the cubs in the high grass around the kill.

Patience for almost two hours was rewarded with these images!

20130615 - CS1_9765 - E - SIG

20130615 - CS1_9773 - E - SIG

20130616 - CS3_0673 - E - FACEBOOK

20130615 - CS1_9808 - E - SIG


20130615 - CS3_0697 - E - SIG

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