Palm Flowers and Birds

This afternoon, my hubbz gave me his old Canon to play with, so I decided to talk a short stroll in our neighborhood and try it out. I had seen that the palm trees and some smaller trees were blooming right now, so I thought I’d try to document a few different blooms…so here is my “catch” from the 35 minute stroll trying out the different functions on the camera.

I found two different palms in bloom right after walking to the street, and then turned into the nature reserve behind our building where I found a different, smaller palm tree in bloom close to the marsh.

The marsh itself is quite beautiful so I snapped a few shots of it as well. And then I got lucky.

I spotted a pink bird, I think it was a Roseate Spoonbill, hiding in a dried up tree on a little islet in the middle of the marsh. He was far away…so I got to try the zoom lens, but can’t say I master it as yet.

Walking along the path around the marsh, I spotted more birds. A few white Ibis birds busy eating something next to my path. I didn’t dare to go very close so I practiced the zoom again…

By this time it was getting really hot so I decided to skip the beach and walk home along the tree  line.

There, close to where the sand takes over, I found another small tree, or rather a bush in bloom.

Just after entering our garden I discovered a tall palm tree in full bloom…and snapped my last picture pointing straight up to the sky. Looking at the palm you can see long flower stems hanging down and swaying in the breeze.

 I still have a lot to learn as I am not a photographer…but have to admit I like it more and more. I hope you enjoyed our afternoon stroll. Thanks for coming along.

14 thoughts on “Palm Flowers and Birds”

  1. you are learning like I am how to take photos. I really need a decent camera though. I just have a small digital. We will learn together my friend. 🙂

    1. We sure will 🙂 I have my small digital “point and shoot” too and now this better digital one. I used to have a nice non-digital one years ago…when we used film, remember?

      1. oh yeah I remember film! I used to take decent pictures with film. Maybe it’s like riding a bike? 🙂

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