Spring on the Beach

spring sunrise

I thought I would complete my “four seasons on the beach” series I started last summer by quickly reporting about the spring season. I have to hurry because this season is quite elusive here in the south. It comes in instalments of few days in April and May when the weather is truly pleasant, the humidity is low and the ocean water is still a bit cool. Then, in a blink, it’s summer.


This year we have been privileged to enjoy quite a stretch of beautiful spring days, with day highs in the low 80s (F) and night lows in the 60s. We had a cooler than usual winter and these spring days came late in the season, after most of the spring breakers had already visited here.

The nature is invigorated by spring showers, everything is light or bright green and flowers and bushes are blooming.

The birds are out on the beach in force enjoying the pleasant temperatures. Some of them carefully monitoring the fishermen’s luck from the rocks next to the jetty.

The business on the public beach is waking up too in anticipation of more beach-goers with the pleasant weather. Canoes, jet-skis and a variety of beach chairs for rent suddenly appear after the relative silence of the winter. But the lifeguard’s chair is still empty.

It is very peaceful to walk on the beach and look for beautiful shells. Or why not sit on a sand dune, look far into the blue horizon and just be still in the “now”. It’s invigorating like the spring itself.

sunset over the ocean

The sunsets are magnificent as well. Every evening the sun dresses in a different evening gown – from pastel pinks and light blues to purples, yellows and reds. It’s free art of the highest order for everyones’s enjoyment!

I hope you enjoyed this short “spring tour” and that you’ll get an opportunity to visit our beautiful Florida Gulf Coast this spring or later in the summer.

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