Time for Gratitude and Thanks

In the last couple of months I have been honored by fellow bloggers with many wonderful awards:

Awards April May 2013

Inspiring Blogger Award by Elliebloo at her poetry blog http://simplypoeticme.com/, the very beautiful Dragons Loyalty Award  by http://wrestling-life.com/, a versatile Blogger Award and Shine On Award by Shaun at http://prayingforoneday.wordpress.com/ and finally the new, touching WordPress Family Award – Shaun’s design – by Joe at http://iamforchange.wordpress.com/.

I wish to express my gratitude and thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for these awards! And dear readers, please make sure to check out these great blogs!

Since I have already emptied my own storage box with things about myself, I will let Bumble, my poodle who has become an avid blogger in his old days, tell a few secrets about me from his perspective.

bumble at laptop 2

”Ok, here we go. I hope mom doesn’t read this, she promised not to…and since I can’t count, forgive me if the number of things is not exactly the right number according to all the rules:

  • Mom is old, I mean she must be. She has a grand-daughter. She is three and she loves me. We like sitting in the easy chair together.
  • Mom calls me by so many different names that it’s easy to get confused (and get blamed for dementia), like “Pludi”, which apparently has something to do with Disney, “Liti” for small, and Bumpy which tells me she really can’t pronounce my name. Bumble – how difficult is that? She an immigrant, you know, so I forgive her.
  • Mom likes to sit on the terrace and look out on the water. She usually reads…and has a drink. I like to sit with her on the lounge chair and when she goes inside, I’ll try to taste her drink. Water with lemon? It’s anyone’s guess.

Bumble on the terrace ed

  • Mom is addicted to her Kindle. She calls it “fire” but I don’t see any flames, just the hot pink leather covers. So maybe she means that there is fire inside? But where’s the smoke?
  • Mom always says she’ll go to the gym, but most days she just plans to go. Planning is good, better than nothing, right? At least she goes on walks with me when I plan them.
  • Mom’s clothes are at least one size too small. Why do I say that? It is obvious. The treats that she can get into her pockets are far too few and far too small. If she wore right sized trousers, for example, the pockets would be much bigger, right?

I don’t know if this is sufficient, but that’s all I have time to write now. So long everybody! ”

Hmm…a promise is a promise, so I will let this go.

I also have to confess that this might be my last somewhat “proper” thank you note. I struggle with freeing enough time for blogging anyway…so from now on I will acknowledge any awards that might come my way on my special page for Thanks, but will not attempt to write thank you posts. The interaction through comments and thoughts posted by you all is the best reward I can get! So thanks for your understanding.

And now I have the privilege to nominate a few blogs that I really enjoy reading. They are about 100…so the task of selecting a few is very difficult. To honor this occasion, I will nominate a few blogs for the REALITY Award I came up with last year, and will try to nominate blogs that I have started to follow more recently.

Reality Blog Award

This award is really “light touch”, a simple expression of appreciation, and therefore does not have any specific rules, as described at its inception.

My 10 nominees are:











If you are not yet familiar with all these great blogs, please make sure to check them out soon!

Congratulations and thank you! And to all other 90+ blogs I read regularly, thanks to you too 🙂 And Happy Mothers Day to all moms in the readership!

Happy Mothers Day (2)