It’s Spring! (or Guest Post XIII)

Hiff again! Many things have happened since I last wrote an update on mom’s blog just a few weeks ago. First, I’ve been in the hospital! Two days of IV treatment. Mom says it was pancreatitis, whatever that means…but I feel fine now, much younger than my 90 years in fact! And it was not too bad, the vet technicians were all girls and they loved me! He is sooo cute, Mr. Magician – I must admit I did a few tricks – such a wise dog…I couldn’t help hearing all that. But I’m trying to remain my humble self, Humble Bumble. Nurses have to be nice to patients, right?

spring flower 1

Second, now that I’m fit to walk mom again, I’ve noticed that it’s spring in Florida! How do I know? There’s no humidity! It’s very pleasant, in fact a bit cool in the evenings right now. Flowers are everywhere, even in the middle of the lawn, and our fence has new, bright green leaves, some of them huge and some still very small. I know this stuff – it means spring, I’ve seen a few.

fl spring flowers

These new leaves smell so good  that I can’t even go to the bathroom where I am used to…have to go on the grass next to the garage. Since my eye-sight is still bad, mom usually says “up” when I have to climb the curb. That works quite well.


And then we take a walk along the street. I memorized the route when I still could see, so I have a little map of the sidewalks in my head. It’s a bit like the GPS mom has in her car. I love when it says in 300 feet turn left, but for my GPS I have to do all the talking by myself. Like here’s the fence, keep right to go on the lawn.

fl spring how a dog sees it

I usually smell all the low hanging flowers, we all do. I can’t see them anymore, but I know exactly where they are. You know, it’s like reading a guest book, Bear was here, Louise was here, and so on. I have to write my name too: Bumble was here.

fl spring flowers y

And we walk, as far as mom can make it, and then we turn and I get a small treat. It’s really very small, like a tiny sandwich. I wish she’d have bigger pockets, but I guess it’s better than nothing.

bumble evening walk

When we get close to our driveway, my GPS tells me exactly where to turn… in 25 feet turn right, it says, and the sweet-scented bush helps me to know too.

Anyway, lovely that it’s spring time now. I hope it lasts for a few more days until the summer arrives. So long, take care noff and enjoy the spring. Love from Bumble.

spring fl

Tiny Lessons

foot prints in the sand

At the edge of water


silently observing

ocean waves

just like days

come from the past

and fade into the future

searching for the now

the moment that exists.


At the shores of silence


barely reflecting

images on the water

like illustrations

of past measures of success

now inadequate

and unnecessary

because life just is.


At the dawn of tomorrow

right here

eagerly expecting

life, like the bird’s song, to thrive

beginnings of self-realization

insisting for birth

and then – with uncertain steps

making foot prints

one for each tiny lesson.