Post Cards from Victoria Falls

Greetings from Victoria Falls

One of my absolutely favorite destinations in the world is Victoria Falls on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. I have written about my experiences there in a couple of posts previously (The Smoke that Thunders and Déjà vu…) but since this topic seems to be of interest to many visitors on a daily basis, I decided to compose a few “post cards” of the photos we have taken of the falls and the surrounding landscapes over the years, and send them to you all at once.

post card from Victoria Falls

While the falls themselves are breathtaking,  truly worthy of being among the seven natural wonders of the world, I have also found that my spirit rests comfortably in the surrounding forests. I love walking around in the lush landscape while getting soaked by the “smoke” from the falls. There is something magical about it.

The forest also houses monuments (on both sides of the border) dedicated to David Livingstone, the Scottish explorer who is believed to be the first European to “discover” these falls in November 1855.

victoria falls

The nature’s presentation of spectacular views is ably complemented by the many artists, musicians and dance companies performing at and around Victoria Falls on both sides of the border. In the evening, after a perfect dinner perhaps under the stars, when the moon climbs up on the sky and the falls can be heard but not seen, one’s eyes can enjoy the rhythmical dancing and the colorful, imaginative costumes presented to the “thunder” of the African drums. Many fascinating stories await to be told through these traditional dances.

victoria falls

In the morning it’s time for another walk to the falls – for me, but maybe you’d like some daring white water rafting on the Zambezi River or a tour to admire the falls from the air?  Or why not go and see some wildlife in one of the national parks fairly close to the falls? And when you’ve had your adventures for the day, you can relax at the pool to light marimba tunes…swimming and sun bathing,  go shopping local arts & crafts or just bask in the famous hospitality of the Vic Falls hotels either on the Zambia or Zimbabwe side of the falls.

I hope you enjoyed your post cards! Have a great weekend.