Embrace of Time


Hear the silence

softly sweeping

the night’s mysteries

into the embrace of time.

Like strands of pearls

the moments of joy

and the moments of pain

are silently joined together

to become the colorful mosaic

of each life

and of all humankind.


And you will know.

17 thoughts on “Embrace of Time”

  1. Reblogged this on Teacher as Transformer and commented:
    This was a nice and easy poem to read. It reminded me of the need for the joy and pain to mix together and form a mosaic of life. Those were beautiful words. Sometimes, I look back and realize what I thought was pain was the opportunity to grow and see life differently. It was a necessary part of becoming a more complete person.

    1. Thanks Ivon. I agree that often it may take some time to see painful experiences as growth opportunities – looking back we may distinguish the more beautiful pattern that resulted from such an experience.

  2. Absolutely beautiful — LOVE the imagery: strands of pearls connecting/evolving into a colorful mosaic of a life well lived. Sheer delight! Thank YOU!!

  3. Dear Tiny,
    The way you listen to the earth and the places your feet takes you speaks of a sensitivity to our shared humanity which I think is precious. This poem is beautiful. May we all learn to listen. Sharon

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