Travels and Souvenirs

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Taking a moment

Borrowing mom’s old laptop

Writing a news flash.

Hiff there!  This was my first haiku. What do you think? I haven’t been blogging for quite some time now. It’s not that I’m lazy, but the issue is that my sight has kind of gone from bad to worse. I can see shadows, but it’s not fun to be a shadow writer. I hope you agree. It’s a bit sad, but I don’t want to complain. When one is close to 90, one is close to 90. It’s a respectable age, what can I say.

But don’t you worry, life is still good. I’m doing quite okay provided mom doesn’t get an idea that she needs to redecorate, like move some furniture. People are funny that way.  They think the same furniture looks better this way or that way! I’m trying to tell her it’d be a bad idea – and so far so good.

Just trying to type a brief message today, and yes I’ll use the spell checker, to let you all know that mom is packing again. At least her purple little suitcase is on the guest bed and that’s usually a sure sign that she’s going somewhere for a while. I’ll miss my shadow (yes, I still follow her everywhere, at least I’m trying to!) so I hope she’ll be home in no time so I can walk her again. I love the evening walks and she follows me quite nicely.

This morning I also wrote a wish list for some souvenirs: an Eiffel Tower shaped soft bone and dog cookies baked like the pyramids.  They should be at least three. That’d be cool.

If you see some posts in the next week or so, it might be me – or her. Just saying. Take care folks!

9 thoughts on “Travels and Souvenirs”

  1. Have a good trip and don’t foget those dog cookies! ( Me and Sam will keep you company while tiny is away….shhhh …..our little secret ) 😉

  2. We like your haiku and we think you are just amazing at your age. We wish your mom to have a nice and safe trip and to be back home to you soon. Hugs and nose kisses

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