6 thoughts on “What They See”

  1. Sounds nice..but i am bit confused understanding the last line—-
    Do they like what they see
    Do they “SEE” what they “LIKE” ?

    1. The last (extra line added to the Haiku) is asking the reader to ponder whether or not the birds will like what they see in the current world…just meant to stir some reflection 🙂

      1. ok…got it..!!
        I would again say..they will like what they see if the see what they like. When the images are not clear or specific it is left on the liberty of viewer to see the shape & thing of what they like. And they usually see …what is their in their sub-conscious.. what they are thinking…& with what thr mind seems to be occupied.

        And I got to learn the meaning of this new work “Haiku” also today…Its japanese poetry..right ?

        Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece 🙂

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