Blog Around The Clock

I can’t believe it’s only been about nine months since I started blogging. So now I’m just a new-born blogger. I can make myself heard, not very articulately, but heard. And I’m definitely not yet able to run with it.

I remember looking at the map that shows “live” Word Press activity around the globe at any given time. I was fascinated by the blinking dots and squares and wrote a poem (slightly reworked below) about this amazing community.

But I had no idea how amazing. I knew very little about the enormous diversity and richness of what is created on a daily basis by the blogging community.  I didn’t expect to find the wide variety of offerings from factual information, entertainment, helpful advice, inspiration, encouragement to art in all possible forms – and everything in between – published by fellow bloggers.

Still, probably the most marvelous of all my discoveries in the blogging world is the strong sense of community that gradually develops through interactions, and the virtual friendships that make the world feel much smaller, much friendlier and more connected. So here’s to all my friends, followers, visitors and this fantastic community –  63, 444,826 bloggers strong as of this afternoon! From my heart to yours. Peace.

Blog Around the Clock

Who are these people? I ask you.

Two in the morning in London, three in Rome, four in Nairobi. Posting, liking, commenting. Blinking dots on the map. When do they ever sleep? White, yellow, green.  Click, click, dot, square, dot!  

Good morning Jakarta. What’s the time in Hong Kong, Tokyo?  Aren’t they at work, in daycare, at the gym, in the park, at the mall, in school, at the doctor’s or just busy retiring?

Doing something, I mean.

Prime time in the Americas. Six or ten p.m. – you choose.  Sharing, uploading, following.  Blinking dots on the map. Time to cook dinner, read bedtime stories? White, yellow, green. Click, click, dot, square, dot!

Good evening Atlanta. Going to movies, playing pool, painting toe nails in five different colors? Taking karate lessons (whoz-whoz), meditating or just hanging around?

Doing something, I mean.

It’s me you say. I’m a blogger. Just like you. I like you. Follow me. White, yellow, green. Click, click, dot, square, dot!

This is us, you say, doing something together.