The Poet

Dancer - a miniature painting

Writing poetry

gives a voice to those who lost it

whether to Laryngitis

sudden lack of confidence

or for whatever undisclosed reason.

And it mutes the loud mouths

to a degree at least

as the words stick on paper.

It allows the poet

to explode in emotion

to reveal the truth

maybe half of it

or hide it in plain sight

in flamboyant phrases.

It enables the poet to hit hard

without hearing the resulting fall

or to tip toe softly


dancing to unheard tunes

inviting everyone on the floor.

It lends the poet surprising powers

to express, mend and heal

to fall apart or to tease

to provide encouragement

with therapeutic words.

It grants an unprecedented freedom

to imagine and to create

as anything is possible

even plausible

in the world of the poet

in the wonderful realm of words.