Fabric of Life

Fabric of life

Speed of life accelerates

days run to each other

events fade into the past

their colors permanently woven

into the fabric of life itself

seemingly for later use.

Relative importance of the now

becomes increasingly obvious

mind busy evaluating choices

heart silently feeling its path

while the soul is always preparing

for its journey home.

6 thoughts on “Fabric of Life”

  1. The speed of life.
    I noticed that life is now sliding by much faster than it did when I was a child.
    And I started wondering why this is.
    Then, I realized that I have been overlooking the value of “now.”
    When I was a child, I measured each moment with little things like butterfly wings, firelies, and spiderwebs. But, as an adult, I started to measure life from paycheck to paycheck—and forgot about the space between.
    What a mistake!
    I agree with what you say. The “relative importance of the now” is very important.

    1. Hi Mary and thanks for your thoughtful comment. I’m thinking of this quite often and try my best to stay in the present moment. After all that’s all we have as past is no longer here and the future days are not promised to anyone…Take care.

  2. It’s funny–this year, my colleague and I are really making an effort to be in the moment. To savor what is right now. Is it just a sign of the times that so many of us cannot stop and smell the roses? My focused efforts this year have resulted in remarkable insights into how I respond to people. What a wonderful post Tiny. I think I may be rambling because I am overcome with a fever and throat infection. But I am enjoying this moment of reflection. 🙂

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