Tiny Business

I hope you all had good holidays and that your new year has started well. And thanks to all my blogging friends for interesting and inspiring readings on a daily basis during my first six months of blogging! What a wonderful community! And thanks to all followers and visitors for stopping by from time to time.

For the next ten days or so I’ll be changing my Florida capris and sandals to a business suit, boots and an overcoat, my old Explorer to a variety of jets, and my calm ocean views to bustling city views with myriads of people, traffic jams and ancient buildings.

It’s time for me to open my window to the world again. That means it’s time for non-virtual work, face-to-face type of business elsewhere on this beautiful earth.  This probably also means sporadic connectivity and much less time for blogging. I will try to post whenever I can, but will only be able to catch up on all my favorite blogs once back home again. I look forward to that. Be good.


Running to catch flights

learning and teaching lessons

cultural workout.