Boxing Day…(or Guest Post XI)

Hiff there! I hope it’s not too late to say Merry Christmas? It’s all continuing tomorrow, Boxing Day, right?

Bumble telling stories
Anyway, I’m just sending you all Seasons Greetings, taking advantage of the fact that mom and dad have gone to bed early today. That’s very different from yesterday, let me tell you! Food, presents, hugs, friends, food, Xmas glogg …Xmas songs by Elvis and Louis Armstrong…more food. It was lively and it was late!

Bumble xmas 2012
I sat in the easy chair the whole evening. Better to be out of the way. I mean whenever I wasn’t helping in the kitchen. You know, carving the ham and the turkey. Or helping with the desserts.
Santa Lamp
I like Christmas. Particularly the food part and the gifts. This year I got a new leash, one that blinks in the dark so the drivers can see us whenever I need to take mom across the street on her evening walk. I also got a bag of yummy bacon-wrapped biscuits and a new fox. It doesn’t look very new anymore, of course…it was a long night.

My fox

I have only one complaint about Christmas. I don’t understand why I should wear some ridiculous red hat or a costume! I’m not the Santa! Do I look happy in these outfits?

Bumble xmas hat

I didn’t think so. After putting up with these pageants for a few years, I finally had a heart to heart with mom about it last year. I thought she got it.

Merry Christmas Bumble

But this year again when she took the decorations from the storage, I saw the little costume. She had not gotten rid of it. So I gave her the look. You know the one for didn’t we discuss this already. She finally got it and didn’t try to make me put it on. But she left it on the sofa in her office.

My Santa costume

I may need to plan a play sesson with my fox so that we just happen to step on it…a few times. Repeatedly. If that doesn’t work out, I may need to put on some weight during the year. That shouldn’t be too hard, provided that mom collaborates. None of us wants to see that ridiculous costume next year. I hope I’m right.

Xmas tree today

But you know, all in all, it’s been a wonderful Holiday Season so far. And tomorrow is only the Boxing Day. Just in case I don’t get an opportunity to borrow mom’s laptop again in the next few days, I’d like to wish all my friends a Neff  Year full of yummy treats, tummy rubs and exciting explorations. Be good.

6 thoughts on “Boxing Day…(or Guest Post XI)”

  1. Sam wouldn’t be caught dead in a red suit, really, he would eat it. ha! I don’t torture him so he’s ok. Love the pics. Sam and I wish you the best ever and lots of light and love!

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