Sunday Morning Surprises

Our nature reserve

This morning my little poodle decided to take me for a walk in the neighboring nature reserve. The weather was gorgeous, crisp and sunny. We took the birding trail close to the marsh to see if we could spot any birds on our way to the beach.

bird trail

As my companion went about his business, I spotted a huge blue heron on a tiny “island” next to the trail.

blue heron

It was calmly inspecting the waters for something to eat for breakfast and did not care about us walking close by.

bird in the marsh

Soon we spotted a smaller crane bird in the water very close to the trail. And further back, on the other side of the marsh, there were two white herons enjoying themselves in the morning sun.

white cranes

The bird trail leads right onto the beach and there we spotted another blue heron seemingly contemplating a fishing trip in the ocean.

another blue heron on the beach

And of course we spotted many sea gulls and pelicans on the beach as well. They seemed to have found a shoal of small fish and were having a free Sunday brunch!

sea gulls and pelicans

This little Sunday morning stroll suddenly turned into a bird watching walk and I wished I would have taken my better camera gear instead of just carrying my iPhone, a bottle of water and a doggy bag.

walking home through the reserve

Life can be full of pleasant surprises, sometimes just a block away from home!

14 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Surprises”

  1. Wow, you received quite a gift this morning! Thanks for sharing its awesomeness with us, too. I especially like the blue heron photo and beach photos. Glad you had that iphone!

  2. The photos are really breakthrough. Really enjoyable walk through. Excellent. Grateful that you have shared Lovely experience and pleased us.

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