Can’t Believe What I Saw! (or Guest Post X)

Hiff, it’s me again! I haven’t written for a while ’cause I was hoping that mom would get me my own blog.  It would be a tightly focused educative blog.  I’d already thought of a good domain name for it: The Best Approach to Training Your Humans.  A slightly sensitive topic for sure, but I’m positive there would’ve been a great interest for it among the dogs in the blogging world. You know Sam, Chancy, Grim and others. But noffing! Maybe mom didn’t like the idea? In any case, she’s away on a trip again and dad really doesn’t follow me everywhere, so I’m sitting in mom’s office chair and typing away….Neeff to give you an update.

Of course I’m always a bit worried when mom is away. She’s gone up north so I guess she will be seeing the Tibetan Terrier I wrote about earlier. But I know she loves me and that’s really all that matters. One needs to trust. It’s the foundation for a wonderful relationship, right?

I just hope she doesn’t get fooled by my cousin Beppe. He is a really handsome Poodle, and he’s into modeling! You better believe me. You know, when the fall fashions for doggies came out in September, he was showing the new rain gear. That’s right, a dog on the cat walk!

Fashion aside, I have to tell you something else that’s much more shocking. The morning mom left on her trip, she was reading the paper and left it on the sofa where I go to rest when dad’s not in the living room. I can’t believe what I saw! The people in charge here in Florida can’t count! I know the election day because that’s when we took an extra walk very, very late at night and saw so many lights in the windows.  And they didn’t have the final count last Saturday morning! So embarrassing. I will need to tell everyone I meet on the street that I’m from D.C. – that’s where I was born anyway.

Counting shouldn’t be that difficult. I can count the treats I get on a daily basis. Better than dad anyway. He always gives me more than I should have…or is he trying to comfort me when mom is away? I wonder if he also takes a few more treats when mom’s not at home? Oh, and just when I was reading the paper, he walks into the living room and sees me on the leather sofa. I pointed out what I was reading and then I put on my best face. He said he was also very frustrated. I think we had a meeting of the minds.

Oh, I almost forgot! Mom will be coming home tonight! Can’t wait! I always take her out for a fresh walk, no matter how late she comes home! She needs the exercise after sitting in the plane for hours and then driving home from the airport. I think I’ll just sit at the door from now on and wait. Take care noff.

10 thoughts on “Can’t Believe What I Saw! (or Guest Post X)”

  1. Oh my! Sam would love it if you started a blog! He would be reading it all the time. His human needs more training. ha! Welcome home Tiny!

  2. Är det inte dags att skaffa en ergonomiskt riktig stol åt lille bloggaren – han sitter ju där alldeles krum.. kan inte vara bra för ryggen 😉

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