Your precious foot prints in the sand of time

visible for a short while on the shores of life

small first, innocently running toward the future

then bigger, walking the trail of everyday routine

finally heavier with keen observation, purpose

they remain to be seen, followed by others

admired, learned from and treasured

until the waves of infinity gently erase them

sparkling and clear, the shores of life remain.

Rain or Shine

Life is full of surprises.

What do you mean?

I mean it’s sunny and suddenly it might rain.

What’s so surprising about that?

We really don’t know when it’s gonna rain and from which direction.

Oh, we just need a safe tree to protect us from getting soaked.

I agree.  I can show you right away where to find one.

To be really safe we also need to build trust among other big birds.

There might be some hawks around, but we can manage them.

It’s not that simple. How do you plan to do that?

We’ll just sit higher and project ourselves bigger than them.

That won’t fly. I have a better route of going about it.

Let’s both find a safe tree and see where the other birds gather.

Fine,  it’ll be their pick. Peace – rain or shine.