To View Your World

What lens will you use today to view the world?

Maybe you’ll use the macro to be real close?

To see just a little fragment of it, clearly magnified?

Is that all you need to see, your closest little piece?

– – –

Or maybe you’ll want to use the fisheye?

To view your own world, all of it in a bubble?

Focus only on your life with you at the center?

   – – –

Or maybe you’ll choose to use the wide-angle?

To see a panorama, to grasp the big picture?

But is it too far to see clearly or to really care?

 – – –

Maybe you’ll choose telephoto to zoom far out?

To learn what’s beyond your ordinary horizon?

To understand the details and take action?

– – –

Or maybe you are accustomed to colored lenses?

To see the world in you own preferred color?

Red or blue? Black and white? Or just all grey?

– – –

Or you might choose a variety of trick lenses?

To view the world just the way you like it?

Customized, distorted, multiplied or beautified?

– – –

It is a new day for you to see the world.

And you have a multitude of options to choose from.

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