An Unknown Handsome Male (or Guest Post IX)

Hiff there! I need to borrow mom’s laptop again to vent just a little bit. You know that I don’t vent about anything, usually. I’m a rescue dog and very happy with my family. They are really loving. And that’s exactly what bothers me a little bit. You see, I have a slight suspicion that there are some other dogs in mom’s life. I can smell it when mom comes home from her trips. Someone else has been sitting in her lap!

I know one of them, of course. Mom’s son’s family has Amelia. She is a chihuahua girl, such a beautiful little diva she is! I know she likes mom, and mom has a weakness for her, but I have to tell you something that happened between us. It’s quite serious. We were visiting them for a few days and I tried to be on my best behavior. But she definitely didn’t. She would come to my food bowl and try to eat my food. That’s still understandable, I tried to look through my paw on that one. But when I finally came to eat my food, whatever little was left, she would come there and try to scare me away. Push me with her white little butt! I tried to warn her, but she just kept on butting me, so finally I had to growl and show my teeth! The 12 pound wolf-look! I had never done that before, and haven’t done it since, but it was effective. She backed off.

Amelia knows how to charm mom. When she wants treats she’ll just roll over! Two times, three times, so cute! Or when mom goes to visit she will crawl the whole length of the room to show how happy she is! And she uses a seatbelt! Click my seatbelt, will ya! I hope mom sees through all these tricks of hers.

Then there is a mysterious male that has been in mom’s lap several times in the last couple of years. I smell a Tibetan terrier. I have never seen him, but I tell you I’m not dreaming! I know a Tibetan terrier when I smell one. My smell data bank tells me he’s a handsome, large dog! OMG! I wonder what tricks he can perform?

But I guess I’ll never find out. And that might be as well. In the back of my mind I know that mom loves me a lot. She demonstrates it every day, she walks the talk. And I already feel better after getting this all out. It’s funny how venting sometimes really helps. Now I feel that my suspicions have been quite selfish and naive… I shouldn’t be jealous. I simply have to think less with my rational mind and trust more! Need to let it go.

Ohff mom, yes, I’ll jumpf in your lap right now. And I’ll delete the rant later (just skip this post everyone). I luff you too, mom.