A Review of Watering Holes

Watering holes are gathering places where the thirst is quenched. They are of many different kinds, frequented by many sorts of patrons. It might be useful for your weekend plans to review some of them (for additional information hover you mouse over the authentic illustrations).

Sometimes these places are truly beautiful, with soothing lightning and all-round peaceful surroundings. You may observe extended families having a nice pit stop. Parents, grandparents, kids, aunties, uncles and cousins are peacefully enjoying refreshments before continuing on their journey.

Sometimes watering holes cater for solo visitors too. These guys are usually in a hurry and just stop for a short drink after the day’s work. At times they may appear nervous, like they’d be expecting an unpleasant patron to enter at any time. So they never linger at their tables for long, it’s usually in and out as fast as possible.

They don’t seem to be aware of the fact that watering holes are usually being monitored to avoid unnecessary trouble. In the more old-fashioned places there are live monitors instead of cameras. The  latter are only brought in by visitors. These monitors usually blend smoothly into the backgrounds and therefore are seldom spotted by the patrons, even the frequent ones.

It may also be that some watering holes appear to be fancy and of high-class, offering perfect surroundings for peaceful refreshments. But the looks may be deceiving. These watering holes are frequented by dangerous patrons, armed to the teeth. And they are almost impossible to spot. An unsuspecting visitor may just drop in to have a drink in the evening, never to be seen again. Needless to say, these watering wholes should be avoided whenever possible.

Other times the visitors at a watering hole may enjoy the dance floor at length, only to discover that someone else is now sitting at their table. Enjoying themselves and watching the show with eagle eyes.

Some evenings a watering hole can be truly popular. Maybe there’s a happy hour at five p.m.? The visitors have to elbow themselves upfront. It’s completely fully booked, standing room only. Unless patrons select to sit on someone else. That’s usually allowed in these situations.

And unfortunately there are always watering holes where some patrons overdo it. They don’t only have a drink, but they literally get mud in their eyes.

But luckily there are still a few watering holes that offer a truly safe and tranquil ambience for everyone’s enjoyment. They mirror life at its best. And they provide serene and peaceful environs with plenty of refreshments.

Hopefully this review was helpful to you in selecting the type of watering hole you may want to visit. Have a great weekend!

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