A Thank You Note for Multiple Awards – Presenting the REALITY Blog Award

I want to thank my blogging friends for nominating my blog for several awards in the last couple of weeks! I feel truly HHA about it (honored, humbled and appreciated)! I am not very good at following any rules, which I’m sure many of my readers will have observed by now. But I want to express my sincere thanks while also using the opportunity to showcase those who nominated me and some of the blogs I enjoy reading. So here we go

 nomination by Justme143 ( http://lisalaliberte143.wordpress.com/). Her blog “Here’s The Thing…” talks crisply and with insight about many facets of life, now particularly from the perspective of a military family living abroad. Please visit her blog today!

nomination by jjoyv  (http://lifetextures.wordpress.com/). Her blog “Life Textures” is very interesting and as she says it is  “absolutely everything you can imagine. Every thought spoken or unspoken, every moment of happiness and sadness, every dream you dream”. Life Textures is well worth your visit!

by Derek Kortepeter (http://mixolydianblog.wordpress.com/). Derek is a composer and multi-instrumentalist who also studies ethnic music. He is passionate about music and has a variety of interesting posts on his music pages. I love his postings about ethnic music in particular. Please pay a visit and see what I am talking about!

 Last, but not least, I received this special new award from Jackie at http://changeforbetterme.wordpress.com/. This is her super interesting food blog, but she also has another blog “To Breathe is to Write” that I read regularly for lively and lovely short stories and mysteries (see below). Please stop by and get hooked. It is very EE (easy & enjoyable) to be her regular reader!

Once again, thank you for nominating my blog for these awards!

All of these awards have different “rules” so here comes my opportunity to be a bit creative! All of them call for some information about me. It’s a bit tricky because I often talk from my own personal perspective in my posts and have already told 7 things about me earlier. So I am going to answer the questions presented for the Liebster Blog Award:

Here are 5 questions that Here’s the Thing is asking for those nominated:

1) If you were given the chance to change something what would you change?

This is an open-ended question, so I want to say that I would change the fact that my son still needs a surgery on his leg, scheduled for tomorrow.

2) If you could repeat an age, what age would you want to be again?

Age? I have never really thought about my age (wrote once about that), but if I had an opportunity, I’d probably want to relive the year I was 32.

3) What one thing really scares you?

Huh, I try not to have fear in my life, but we’re all human, so that would probably be loss of anyone dear to me.

4) What one dream have you not completed yet and do you think you will be able to complete it.

Oh, I know the answer to that one! It would be writing a book that would bring inspiration to many others. I hope I can do it. Practicing for that project now…

5) If you could be someone else for the day, who would you be?

Hmm, a difficult choice. It would probably be someone from another time…someone like the Persian poet Rumi. I’d like to learn more about his inspiration.

So now I am going to get even more creative! I will nominate 20 very different blogs (photography, poetry, short stories, food, insightful observations, travel stories) I visit on a fairly regular basis for the brand new “Reality Blog Award”. There would have been many more to nominate, but I already took the liberty to nominate 20…so I’ll leave a few for the next time 🙂

I also won’t repeat those blogs who nominated me for these awards because they are already showcased above and I trust you will visit them! This award does not go with any specific “rules”. Instead each nominee can do whatever feels good to them, but I hope they will take the nomination as a sign of appreciation and encouragement.

This is how the newly designed Award looks like and these are the nominees in no particular order:





















Congratulations and thanks to all the nominees! I hope you visit their blogs if not already familiar with them.