Confessions of a Rescue Dog (or Guest Post VIII)

Hiff friends! Now that I’ve written seven posts on mom’s blog, I feel confident enough to tell you my story. I’m a rescue dog.  Yeaff. That’s true. I would never write fiction about anything like that. I want to tell you how I finally came home to mom and dad.

It was Christmas Eve 2006, a few days after my fifth birthday. The winter was approaching in the Nation’s Capital. My home was nicely decorated for the holidays, warm and cozy. It smelled good from all the baking. In the morning everything seemed as usual. My little sister Carrie, who is a white toy poodle, and I were getting our breakfast in the kitchen.  Kibbles as usual. Then we were let out in the backyard to do our stuff. We were running around and playing to stay warm until my ex mom came to let us in.

Around 10 in the morning my ex mom told us that we would go for a ride. We were happy, jumping up and down, we both liked car rides. There was nothing better than a holiday ride! Maybe we would get some special treats. We were sitting in the back, riding for about 15 minutes only, when the car stopped. My ex mom took us both out and we were wondering where we were going. It was a red brick building, I had never been there before.

We went in, my ex mom talked to someone for a while. I overheard heard her saying that I was too loving, wanted too much attention. What does that mean? Of course I love my family. Then Carrie and I were taken into the back by someone very nice. We saw lots of other dogs, all in little cages. I was very frightened. No one told us what was going on. Finally we got to an office. I told Carrie that this was a doctor’s office. Our mom must have gotten a new doctor for us again.

The doctor was nice and the technicians as well, but were was our mom? After the examination we both got some injections and then we got a nice long bath. Now we could go home! But we didn’t. Mom never came to take us. Instead we were put into one of those cages. Very nice, clean and bright, but it was not home. It was good to be together but we both were so frightened. I remember shivering, but didn’t want to let it show. I was the big brother and had to remain strong for both of us.

That was the longest Christmas night ever. Our mom never came back to take us home. Why? I tried to think if I had done something bad. The only thing I could imagine was that I had taken a slipper from the hall the day before. My ex mom didn’t like it. She hit me with a newspaper. She shouted and hit Carrie too. Now I started to fear we would never go home again. It was all so sad.

The next day we were photographed and we were given new names. Now I was no longer Chief. We were now Bumble and Bee. Actually I like Bumble much better than Chief, I was never a commander or chief. We were well taken care of by the loving staff, but we were at a shelter, abandoned by our family. We were homeless.

The next few days lots of people came to see us, either me or Bee. I was on my best behavior. Then came New Year’s Eve. In the morning my mom came in. She walked right to our “room” and I was jumping up, wanted her to pick me up! Someone came for Bee too. Then I sat in my moms lap in the play area for over an hour. Bee sat with a different mom, her mom. My mom just held me like she would never let me go, I could feel her love. I felt safe.

I missed her when she left. And to be honest I was a little disappointed, I so much wanted to go with her! But the next day she came back with dad, I was so excited! They both held me, it felt like being in a family again. The nice staff told me that I would have a new home, and Bee would too, but a different one. They just needed to do due diligence, whatever that might mean. But it must be something good because a few days later mom came back with dad. That time I could go with them! We went to mom’s car and I was shivering a little when she carried me because I had no idea where we would go. I sat in dad’s lap until we came to brick house with a big garden.

I ran into all rooms to check them out. Sniff, sniff. I remember I was very excited…to the point that I did a tiny wet spot on the blue silk rug upstairs. Of course that was a pure accident! And no one hit me with a newspaper or shouted at me, mom just took me out to the backyard. And that house became my new home, my own territory. By time I relaxed, I was no longer afraid of newspapers, and started playing with the new toys mom had bought me. I got good food, but no sweets like I had in my first home. Mom said it was not good for my teeth to eat candy, so I stopped craving it. I loved my new home!

Then one day, much later,  dad started to pack our car. I could have never thought so many things could fit into that old Durango. I remember that I sat in the front seat almost the whole day, while dad ran back and forth. I knew something was going on, and I didn’t want to risk being left behind. Not that I suspected anything, but just to be absolutely sure. A huge truck also came later that day and it seemed like the whole house would go into it. Then the next day, we were driving for a long time, many potty breaks! I sat on my black cat pillow in the back seat.

When we finally got out of the car, it was warm and nice! And I discovered my current home. I love it! And I love to chase squirrels in the yard, and take long walks in the park. My life is soooo good now. Lots of luv given and received. And that’s all I ever wanted. Now I’m no longer fearful when Christmas arrives.

I’ve been a happy camper for almost seven years now! Thanks shelter staff for finding me my mom and dad. I think I’ll need to go and check if my dinner is ready…Luff ya all.

15 thoughts on “Confessions of a Rescue Dog (or Guest Post VIII)”

  1. This is a great post! I’m glad you guys found each other. I hope sister got adopted by a nice family too?? Sam had to come to my house from his ex mom’s also, because she didn’t want him anymore. But like you I lucked out and now Sam is my bestest buddy. I love happy endings!

  2. Sweet! My Buddy is a rescue but I don’t really know his story. He was found post hurricane in Florida and made his way through the rescue folks to NC. I suspect he was homeless a while because 8 years later trash cans are still a huge attraction!

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