Thou Shalt Love Thy Neighbor?

Do I really have to love my neighbor? Or does shalt provide for exceptions? I beseech Thee. Just wondering.

What if a whole section of his fence falls down on my property? And he dost not repair it for months? And I canst not mow my lawn, but I durst not to tell him.

Or if his dog cometh to poop on my property through the gaping hole in the fence? Every single day. And he dost not bother to clean it up. Do I still need to love my neighbor? Or can I just love his faultless dog?

And what if he has barbecue parties every single weekend with music blaring outside until early morning? And his guests throw paper plates, foil pieces and chicken bones into my garden through the hole in the fence? The bones canst kill my little dog.

And what if his friends art parking their cars blocking my driveway? Do I still need to love my neighbor? No exceptions?

Or what if his house help cometh to pick flowers from my garden through the hole in the fence? And if he never returns my mail delivered to his mail box in error? Not even the tax return check? Still no exceptions?

If not, can Thou please tell him he shalt love me too? And explain what that means, in very clear terms. And instruct him how to repair the fence, and make it a bit higher.  Also, please teach him how to pick up dog poop and provide him with some bags. And while Thou are at it, please give him some flowers in his garden. And replace the mailman. Prithee.

Then, I promise Thee, I shalt love my neighbor.

(Inspired by actual events that happened to a friend)