Whassup? (or Guest Post VI)

Hiff, it’s me again. Have to report some new developments. Things don’t seem to be quite normal around here. I mean this morning was completely fine. Mom and I had a nice Sunday stroll in the park. I had lots of time to readf my morning paper around the bushes cause mom was so occupied with her camera. There were some white birds in the marsh. I don’t care about them, too far for me to swim out there. So I focused on my favorite exercise, squirrel waiting.


But this afternoon things started to change. I think someone is coming to visit. Mom went to the grocery store today! Why? It’s Sunday and she just went to the store yesterday… When she came back I saw she had bought some cans. Chicken stew!? But she didn’t put them where my food is – yes, I know where my food is, I’m always checking out the stash of treats. They all went into the pantry.  That’s weird. The labels looked good.  I’m such a slow reader, but I thought it said ravioliff . I am not sure what that means, but I told mom I’d volunteer to eat them. I saw peanuts too, but can’t have them. Don’t wanna get sick.

She also bought water! Why can’t we all drink water from the tap filter, like we always do? That beats me. But maybe all that is for someone else?

Then more weird things happened. I was sitting comfortably on the terrace warming myself and enjoying my Sunday when mom suddenly came out with dad. They didn’t sit down. Instead they asked me to go in. First I thought it was because it was quite hot. But then they started to move the stuff inside. All of it! Where do I sit now? I’ll have to regain my access to the living room leather sofa…Mom can you put my black cat pillow there? I said pleeaaff!

I just looked into the laundry room. It’s so full of chairs now that mom can’t even wash my woollen red blanket. What if there’s an accident? Not that I have accidents, but maybe mom spills her coffee on it? She is so clumsy at times. The whole thing is puzzling to me. I heard mom talking about someone called Isaac. I don’t know him and I think I’ll not like him.  He hasn’t been here before and I hope he doesn’t come. I might bark if he knocks on the door. And I’ll definitely growl.

8 thoughts on “Whassup? (or Guest Post VI)”

  1. Oh, my goodness!! You sweet, adorable little cutie! Thank you for stopping by Chancy’s blog so we could see your blog. We are sorry you are in the path of Isaac we are praying for your safety. Hugs and nose kisses

    1. Hi – thanks, nice to see you! We’ll be fine, we are no longer expecting anything extreme here since the path shifted west, just very rainy and windy. Hugs & nose kisses to you too

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