Hurricane Hunters (a poem)

Big storm is brewing

Cockpit light starts to flicker

Jacket still missing


Trees bending far down

Branches flying in the air

Sunglasses needed


Heavens wide open

Mother nature throws anger

Leaving the runway


Rescue plane flies out

Wave hight is increasing fast

Dry a single tear


Wind is furious

Lightning strike thunder shatter

Approaching the eye


(Inspired by the approaching tropical storm Isaac)

6 thoughts on “Hurricane Hunters (a poem)”

  1. The airplane recalls Tom Hanks going down in Castaway, remember the storm? I’ve survived hurricanes past like Carol 1954 New England, Camille on the 1969 Gulf (in Navy near Pensacola), other names like Donna, Gloria, Floyd, Charlie, TS Allison in 2001 flooded my car, and TS Grace dumped 7 inches of rain in Indianapolis, Sept. 2003. Boston’s blizzard of ’78 really was a winter hurricane stranding millions, but in Colorado I missed that one! Last year’s Irene was bad but spared us here, hit Vermont with severe flooding. Florida and Mobile get ready!

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