Sunday Journey at Home

I love being at home on a sunny Sunday. I guess I’m getting comfortable. No need to travel all the time any more.  There are still many beautiful places I haven’t seen on earth, so sometimes is good. But need a bit of a break from non-stop flying. So this morning I took a quiet journey around the house. No security checks, no running to catch a connection, no sugary snacks on the plane – and no money needed. I started in South Africa.

They really know how to make African art. These birds almost made me miss my flight once. I saw them in the corner of my eye when I passed a little shop at the airport. They didn’t leave me alone so I had to go back for them. And then run for my plane. Just made it and have never regretted my sprinting record.

From South Africa I took to the west and landed in Ghana. No hurry. I could take my time to admire these huge masks that reach almost from the floor to the ceiling, protecting my office. I can only speak the truth when at my laptop, because they are always watching…

From there I took a journey across Africa, to Kenya on the east coast.  It didn’t take too long, no plane changes required. That’s where I found Amos, my Masai warrior and constant companion. He’s a world traveller by now, has been following me on three continents already, often travelling in the cabin with me. He told me he needs a “bath”, it’s been hot and dusty on the plains lately. So that’s what we will do this afternoon.

From there my journey went north, to Egypt. I am completely fascinated by their history. I have spent hours and hours in the Cairo museum talking to Tut and other pharaohs.  Tut’s belongings are just amazing. The little gloves he wore have always captivated me more than his elaborate jewelery.

And of course I got my first real (huge, or so it felt) sand grain in the eye in a sand storm at the pyramids. It became quite a nuisance. I got high fever and needed to see a doctor, but that did not prevent me from returning many more times. Today’s journey on the memory lane was very safe and not at all adventurous. Not a single sand storm, no belly dancers on the Nile, only some dust appeared in the air.

By now I was tired, you guessed it, of dusting. I decided not to continue my journey to other continents, but instead to return where I had started, to South Africa. Or our living room, to see the elephants calmly walking around my wall. Enough excitement for one morning. Time to give Amos his bath.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Journey at Home”

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    Home is where the heart is. Of course if you have more than one home, where is your heart really? Boston area so crowded, safe w family but oh so overbearing. Out West (Rockies-deserts not other Coast) life is slow, layed back, consistent weather, lots of physical and spiritual space, less pressure and more peace I think.

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