Doggy Dentures? (or Guest Post V)

Hiff there!  Mom is talking on the phone on the terrace…I can see her walking back and forth, that means it’s gonna take a while…so I’m going to jumpf up again to use her laptop.  I need to do some research.

You see,  I’m a bit worried about my teeff.  Last week when I was in dental cleaning at my Doctor’s,  I got a surprise of my lifetime.  No, I didn’t win anything, I lost two teeth while I was sleepin’. Two front teeth!

I’m looking here, but I can’t find anything for dogs, only a lot of food ads! I found one that puts dentures on my picture, but they are not real, of course. Ohf well, I may have to learn a more subtle smile. And be more charmin’ in general. That shouldn’t be too difficult. Oh, mom is coming in.

Hi mom! What’s wrong? I hope it’s not me. I’d never make you worry, you know that. And I can manage without my two teeth, see I can even smile! Just don’t give me too much hard food, chicken stew is better, much preferable.

Now, cheer up mom,  let’s do something! Like go get your meds. I love the drive-through. What did you get anyway? I know you’ll not need anything for blood pressure because I keep your BP down, as you always say. Go take your purse, and don’t forget your keys or my bag.

This drive-through is cool! I’m climbing in mom’s lap, hi girls!  I’m fine, you look good too! We can chat here forever. Oh no, someone is honking behind you, mom. Shall I bark? Or shall we go? Until the next time girls, be good!

That was too fast. I was just getting started. Now need to plan something energizing for mom. They don’t allow me at the gym as yet, I’m still working on it. So it has to be at home…maybe pilates? Stretching is good for circulation. And for mom’s mood. Mine is always fine, but I can sympathize, mom likes that. And I always love working with mom. Whether it’s exercising or watering flowers, mom does the inside and I do the outside. Or making dinner. That’s my favorite chore, I keep the kitchen floor clean while mom’s cooking.

I so much look forward to dinner time. And the evening stroll. Last night I met a new girl. She’s also a toy poodle, but she’s white and really tiny. She had lots of style, and a nice perfume. I hope to see her again tonight. You know, just for a chit-chat. Life is good, right?