Just Chillin’

Time for another post on mom’s blog. Sniff, the laptop seems to be open…wait a minute, I’ll just jumpf up. Here I go. I hope mom will not come home for a little while. It’s not often I’d say that, but now I need a few minutes of solitude to tell you what’s going on in the house. From my perspective.

You see, I think mom is planning to travel again. How do I know? Well, that easy. She went to the storage room and brought up her carry-on bag. I jumped into it just briefly to tell her I want to come along, go get my flying bag too!  But she just doesn’t get it.  Or maybe she’ll be travelling for work? You know, I’ve developed a slight distaste towards work because I can’t go with her…why can’t the other people come here instead?  That would be so much simpler.

Not that I love flying. Last time I kind of went a bit crazy with the linings of my flying bag. Tried to open it up a little more, like a sunroof you know, but mom didn’t like that. I hope she’s forgotten by now…if my memory doesn’t fail me, there’s only a thin lining left at the top part. So next time I’ll get a better view when I need to check around.

To tell you the truth, I find airports quite ugly, long lines of feet everywhere. And I sense too many emotions. Anxiety, frustration, excitement, apathy, sadness and joy all mixed up. It makes the air heavy to breathe. I wish people were happy, like me. Maybe it’s because they were not blessed with tails, nothing to wag?

Anyway,  I’m still hoping to see my flying bag upstairs. If you have to fly, you have to fly. An upgrade would be good, more space under the seat…Otherwise, life’s been generally good. Food, rest, rubs, naps, food, walks, treats, rest and sleep. And Doctor’s, I told you about that last time. Yeah, I’m doing pretty well now. Looking forward to many more squirrel hunts!

Oh, mom you’re back already? I am fine, I was just sitting here thinking. You know I like mulling things over, and I love the view from your office chair. But it’s all yours now. There you go.

What’s in your bag, anything for me? Sniff, sniff…I smell chicken! You did buy chicken to roast in the oven?  I love it, the meat just falls from the bones, as you say, mom. And the breast pieces I’ll get are sooo tender, I can wait! And while you’re cooking, I’ll plan for our evening walk. Let’s see, we could go to the park or to the shopping center. I’m voting for the shopping center, provided we stop at the deli. Carmen always gives me something good. Always something different and I pretend to be surprised is that for me? I think she loves me.  And mom, don’t tell me that you’ve no money on you! What does that mean anyway? You’ll always need something from there, right? And you can put some money in my bag holder so you always have some with you. That shouldn’t be too difficult. Or we could stop at Dunkin’s, you for coffee, me for donuts…It’ll be such a nice evening, mom. Now waiting for our dinner and just chillin’.