On a More Serious Note

This is not one of my usual light-hearted tiny stories, but I felt I should share the story of these flowers. And it seemed like a good time to do it now.

A few months ago my son had a terrible accident that sent him to the ICU for days. As real flowers were not allowed there, I decided to send him virtual flowers directly to his phone. I would go out to look for a different flower every morning, snap a photo and send it to him right there and then  with my loving thoughts and prayers for healing.

The other day when I had to change phones, I saw these photos again and decided to keep them. Although the photographic quality is not much to be proud of, these pictures were taken at a time when the beauty of nature was a great source of comfort to me. These particular flowers became to symbolize life, love, renewal and healing. And being nature’s perfect expressions of creation, they are also worthy conduits of my gratitude as my son is doing much better now. Hope you’ll enjoy them too.


Everything Is

Everything is beautiful, just like the day we sat

in the park by the lake, reading poetry to each other,

laughing at the innocent rhymes.

Everything is serene, just like the evening we danced

under the trees in my garden, kissing each other,

owning the world and its passions.

Everything is wonderful, just like in the movie we saw

ages ago in another world, holding each other

tight and hard, pledging to never let go.

Until we learn that everything, just like the tide,

is highly temporary at best, unfolding to us

the wonders of heart that remain.

Everything, in its own way, is perfect.