Going to the Doctor’s…

Whaff Uff? It’s me again. Today will be an exciting day! You see, yesterday morning when I’d done my stuff outside, I wanted to go to mom’s car for a ride. She said not today, but tomorrow we’ll definitely go for a ride. You’ll need your monthly injection at the Doctor’s.  I’m so looking forward to it. Or to be completely honest, I have some mixed feelings. I kind of like it and fear it at the same time.

I like it first of all because of the car ride. It’s fairly long and it’s likely mom will let me drive! That’s right. I’ll sit in her lap and literally drive. I know the road to the Doctor’s, and I know the traffic signs. Mom has to press the gas pedal because I quite don’t reach down there. I’m a toy, sometimes I wish I was a standard. And we use the brake pedal very little anyway. That’s cool. I always look forward to a speedy ride.

Secondly, I like going to the Doctor’s because the girls in the reception really like me. Oh, you are such a sweet boy over and over again. Please don’t get me wrong. I don’t have a big ego, like mom says some people do, but it just feels good. Kind of encouraging at my age. My favorite ritual is the weighing. I jump up and down on the scale so hard that they always miss a half a pound, at the minimum. Oh, you lost weight! And then I can tell them about my diet, get pats and rubs. That’s a good start. I also meet new friends every time. Some of them talk to me, but I prefer just sniffing. I learn much more about them that way, and I don’t like public speaking anyway.

Next we’ll move into the examination room.  That’s the fear part, it makes me nervous. The nurse comes in and takes my temp, that’s usually fine. But why do we always need to wait for the Doctor? The wait makes me sooo nervous, I’ll start panting, can’t help it!  Neon lights and no windows, what do you do in a small room like that? Think about the blood test and the injection? But I know they really are necessary. See, I have Addisons. But don’t worry, I’m doing fine, the medicine really helps me. I’ve even gotten part of my sight back! So whatever, let’s get this overwith…and that’s when the doctor usually comes in. I get my shot and afterwards we go shopping. Treats! Mom, how about the chicken trail mix today? And then I’ll drive home.

This afternoon I’ll need to resume my exercises. Squirrel hunting. Or maybe I should call it watching?  That’s where we are pretty much. I had to suspend those kinds of exercises for a while because I couldn’t see. I would stumble on the trees in the park. So it wasn’t any fun…but now I can see a little again. And of course I can smell, nothing wrong with that! I bet I have the best nose in the house. And once I trace a squirrel, I can sit underneath the palm tree for hours…he needs to come down, eventually. Right mom? Please don’t force me to go inside just because the squirrel takes his time, please! I’m a poodle and we are hunters! I will need my exercise after all that waiting at the Doctor’s. Is that a deal, mom?

So it’s going to be an exciting day. Looking forward to it despite some necessary pains. They too shall pass. Mom, are you ready? Let’s go nowff!

Silence (a poem)

It was completely silent
A thought flickered on my screen
I allowed it to stay for a brief moment
Just to see its color
And it was entirely white
Not distinguishable against the silence
And then it was gone.

It was completely silent
Another thought tried to enter my space
But I ignored its repeated visits
To preserve the peace
In my thoughtless place
where nothing happened while everything
Was there at once.

It was still completely silent.