Sorry, Can’t Write Today.

Can’t write today. The ideas coffer is empty. It’s Monday again, and Mondays are not generally inspiring. They kick off the new work week. And this week also kicks off a new month. One month closer to my big O+1 birthday.  Hight of the hurricane season. Trying not to think about it and definitely don’t want to write about it.  Need to stay positive.

And I’m not quite well. My knee hurts from running almost two miles in Sand Key Park yesterday. I ran the whole time apart from stopping for bird watching every now and then. And taking some photos, talking to a few neighbors, and stopping briefly for refreshments. Water from the public fountain. It was hot. I know, knee hurt is not much to complain about, but it can be an inhibitor to free-flowing thought.  An idea blocker, until I get used to it.

Could it be the famous writer’s block? That can’t be possible.  Does it hit non-writers as well? I don’t think it does, but looked up some advice, just in case. Keep to a schedule…that’s what I’ve been doing and that’s why the coffer is empty. Take time off after completing a project…but I haven’t even started one yet! And Stephen King (On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft) says that we should look at writing as an ordinary job rather than artistry. Writers use the word instead of brick and mortar. So far it sounds right, provided one is a writer. A famous one, with a regular paycheck. So couldn’t find anything there that would apply to me, a non-writer.

In any case, whatever the reason for stories hiding from me, today I’m only sharing some photos from my run yesterday. The Blue Heron and the funny “sand dog” going for a swim. I was lucky to find them. Feel a bit better already. Happy Monday.